Jaunimo Karjeros Centras
Youth Career and Advising Center

Brief description

Jaunimo karjeros centras (JKC) is an NGO with more than 10 years’ experience supporting youth and adults through non-formal education programmes and guidance services. It aims to meet public needs through educational, scientific, cultural, social and legal initiatives. The organisation is divided into departments (training, information and counseling and project management), which ensure successful operation of the activities.

JKC has 5 permanent staff members and a strong network of trainers, experts, consultants and advisers (~50 persons) providing education and guidance all around the country. Through this network of people JKC is informed about the needs for guidance and support, new educational programs and methodologies, active civic participation issues. Based on this learning JKC continuously monitors its strategy and activities in order to take these issues into account.

JKC‘s target audiences are students from secondary and VET schools, universities and colleges; young adults, youth with fewer opportunities (disabled, young offenders, youth living in child care homes); educators (teachers, school managers, psychologists); community members; parents.

Role in the Project and Added Value

The partner is going to transfer know-how and good practice they have obtained from their engagement in previous projects like the following:

Manual “Self-guidance and Modern Media Literacy: Quality of Youth Career Guidance and Nowadays Media Literacy”. The Manual presents some of the challenges related to the phenomena of self-guidance, that the career services face as well as examples of Learning Outcomes (LO) the consultants should have in relation to modern media literacy. The manual can be used by youth career consultants, managers of youth career centers or youth trainers. The manual could be useful for all the stakeholders in the career guidance process as well. Published in the framework of Erasmus + project “Quality of Youth Career Guidance and Nowadays Media Literacy”.

Handbook of vocational guidance for students, teachers and parents “From School to Career”. The handbook contains curriculum contents developed for students, counsellors and teachers and parents as part of the project S2CPT. The student curriculum is primarily activity based and takes a ‘learning by doing’ approach. The teacher and counsellor curriculum is an informative handbook of professional personal development. The parent/career curriculum aims at providing information about the role of parents in a students’ career management process.

“Manual Quality Assurance in Youth Career Consultancy”. The manual pays special attention to Quality Assurance of career guidance services provision to youth with fewer opportunities and can be used by career services managers, consultants, youth workers and trainers. Developed in the framework of project “Quality Assurance in Youth Career Consultancy”.

Curriculum toolkit “Entrepreneruship Academy”. Entrepreneurship Academy is a training programme developed jointly by Jaunimo Karjeros Centras, Vytautas Magnus University and the Lithuanian Marketing Association. A methodological toolkit has been developed, including e-learning materials. The idea is to enhance the theoretical knowledge of entrepreneurship education in teachers as well as help them to improve their education plans and integrate entrepreneurship into the curriculum.

Experience with transnational programmes

JKC has an extensive experience in implementing national and international projects. We have implemented projects in areas such as career guidance and education, global education and development cooperation, entrepreneurship education, language learning and volunteering.

Relevant projects in the area of career education and entrepreneurship education:

  • “SELFIE – Career Planning for Dynamic Economies” – 2014 – 2016 (Erasmus+/ Strategic Partnerships)
  • “Quality of youth career guidance (Erasmus+)
    and nowadays media literacy” – 2014 – 2016 (Erasmus+)
  • “Entrepreneurship Academy” – 2011 – 2013 (European Social Fund)
  • “Guide Me” – 2008-2010 (LLP Grundtvig)
  • “S2CPT – From School to Career” – 2011-2013 (LLP Leonardo)
  • “My Child is Choosing a Career” – 2010 – 2011 (LLP Leonardo)

Experience in the project topics: Youth Employment, Careers Advisory, Entrepreneurship Education, Validation of Learning

JKC’s specific fields of expertise are career education and guidance; effective communication and life skills; global citizenship; language learning and teaching, ICT in education, human rights education. Its activities include career guidance; career planning, conflict and communication, team building, leadership and citizenship skills trainings for youth; training and guidance support for educators and parents; programs and projects to introduce new approaches and methodologies in education.

As the accredited in-service teacher training institution it constantly implements projects for development of teaching/learning tools and resources and delivering in-service trainings, which could contribute to the successful guidance and skills development in educational system. JKC also has an experience in development and exploitation of student-centered learning approaches in Lithuanian schools. Through the projects on various topics (career planning, global citizenship, etc.) the organization was involved in development of educational programmes and methodologies based on active participation of students in the educational process, where students develop their critical thinking and other skills through learning by doing approach. JKC trainers deliver non-formal education programmes for development of young people self-assessment, decision making and career planning skills.

JKC has recently implemented a career guidance project “SELFIE – Career Planning for Dynamic Economies”, where we developed a career planning subject framework incorporating introductory, intermediate and advanced levels that helps students to develop the necessary skills to enable them to construct their own self-portrait and career progression pathway and update it as required throughout their working life.

JKC has participated in implementing a project “Entrepreneurship Academy” in partnership with Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian association of marketing. The project aimed to improve personal entrepreneurship skills of teachers and students. During the project, two entrepreneurship development centers were established. Also, sets of resources and workshops for teachers developed and implemented, as well as lessons for students. The main focus was on skills in areas such as financial management, leadership, strategic planning and management, interpersonal skills.