BEE – Training Course in Limerick, Ireland

5-day Training Course on Entrepreneurship in eco-tourism

Training Title: BEE-Training Course Mobility for Adult Educators

Training days: 6-10 November 2023 (5 days of Training)

Travel dates: Sunday, November 5 2023 & Saturday, November 11 2023

Place: Limerick, Ireland

For Who? 4 people residing in Cyprus interested in the blue economy and entrepreneurship

Accommodation, food and travel expenses will be covered up to 1000 EUR per participant.

Language: English

Training’s aim: The Training aims to provide participants with a unique opportunity to enhance and refine their entrepreneurship skills, specifically focusing on the rapidly-grown field of blue ecotourism. Over the course of five intensive days, participants will engage in immersive learning experiences guided by experts in the field.

The primary objectives of this training are twofold:

Skill Enhancement: Participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge about blue ecotourism, including principles of sustainability and responsible tourism practices.

Training Evaluation: Throughout the program, the training methods and content will be assessed. Participants will be encouraged to provide feedback on their learning experiences, helping to refine the training methodologies for future cohorts.

By the end of the Training Course, participants will emerge not only with enhanced entrepreneurship skills but also with a deep understanding of how to leverage their knowledge for the improvement of the environment and local communities in the context of blue ecotourism.

Application procedure

Fill in the application and send it to In the subject field please write BEE_application_your name

More about the project BEE.


Project Title: BEE – Blue Economy Entrepreneurship

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices

Action Type: Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Project Identification/Contract Number: 2022-1-IE01-KA220-ADU-000085292

Dates of Activity: 6-10 November, 2023

Place: Limerick, Ireland

Coordinator: G65 Network Ireland Limited

Number of Participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 4