BEE – Blue Economy Entrepreneurship

Cooperation partnerships in adult education

About the Project 

The project aims to support young adults living in European islands who have access to fewer opportunities and are facing economic difficulties, develop their entrepreneurship skills in blue tourism.Islands have a limited capacity to develop creative mass and expertise in new fields, which may lead to difficulties in adapting to smart economy. The project partners will develop and exchange information and case studies related to the situation in their respective countries and communities regarding the blue economic sector, entrepreneurship, and sustainable tourism.


  • Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education for young people living in EU Islands
  • Foster the employability of the target group involved by increasing entrepreneurship skills and providing opportunities through an innovative training methodology to develop their ideas and businesses in this sector
  • The improvement of the professional competence of adult trainers involved in the Training Course


  • Implementation of a training programme and a local testing phase in each partner country and creation of a collated Assessment Report at Consortium level
  • Creation of Upskilling Curriculum for Disadvantaged Adults: A curriculum targeted to adult learners facing economic difficulties involved in the new learning process on sustainable tourism business plans, which aims to teach how to prepare a blue ecotourism business plan and gain entrepreneurship competencies
  • Development of an E-Course: The contents of the E-course will be related to entrepreneurship to support learners in acquiring the necessary business skills for creating a blue ecotourism company

Start: 31/12/2022  End: 30/12/2024
Project Reference: 2022-1-IE01-KA220-ADU-000085292
Grant: 250,000.00 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action:  Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices
Action Type: Cooperation partnerships in adult education

F6S Network Ireland – IRELAND

Mine Vaganti NGO – ITALY
Skills Zone Malta – MALTA

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