Training of Trainers “Between Theory & Practice”

Leszno, Poland

Dates: 7- 13 July 2019
Travel dates: 6 July and 14 July

Training for Trainers in the field of youth work based on theories and practice.

We would like to go further with the capacity building of organisations working in Erasmus+ and providing better services for our local communities.


  •  To be more efficient in our educational practice.
  •  To improve youth work and the quality of training of youth workers
  •  To increase the quality of Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities
  •  To get introduced to theories of learning.
  •  To be more aware of group and goal aspects of the trainings.
  •  To promote the good practices of Non formal Education.
  •  To open our minds to practical elements of training in youth work.
  •  To share our best and worst practices with our peers and listen to theirs.


Non Formal Education with elements of Formal informative sessions and practical exercises. That way we can cover knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainers in the training course.

Project Results

The project organisers in collaboration with the trainers who participated as participants have developed a TOOLKIT that is freely available and can be used by anyone interested. The toolkit can be found here Toolkit for Trainers