Training on Theatre in Human Rights Education, Ukraine

The Training brings together 30 participants from Cyprus, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Italy, Russia. Participants are Youth Workers, Youth Leaders, and Youth Trainers active in the youth field and willing to build their skills and capacity to develop quality initiatives and educational activities using methods of theatre to promote human rights.

Topic: Theater methods in Human Rights education for youth workers/social workers/educators

Methods: Learn interactively about how to use Theater methods as a tool in youth work

Venue: Ukraine, close to Chernivtsi, http://khatamaysternya.com

When: 25 Aug – 3 September (travel days included)

Participants: 20 years and older, youth workers/social workers/youth educators/youth leaders/youth trainers etc. interested to learn about theatric approach within work in social areas, capable to communicate and follow the training in English; Each partner organisation will select 5 persons in total (1 group leader and 4 participants).

COST: 50 Euros participation fee to be deducted from the travel cost by the organisers. Please note that for people who are not members of our organisation, an additional fee of 30 Euros will be obligatory.


The main aim of this project is to raise awareness about creative ways of addressing the Human Rights issues, as well as improve competencies linked to the professional profiles of Youth Workers, Youth Trainers and Youth Leaders with an emphasis on the Social and Civic Key-Competences in the field of Human Rights Education, which includes ability to participate effectively and constructively in one’s social and working life and engage in active and democratic participation, especially in increasingly diverse societies.


Theater of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal), Improvisation Theater (Keith Johnstone), Scenic Writing (Lorenz Hibbe), Biografical theater (Maike Plath), Didactics in Theater Education (Anklam, Meyer, Reyer), Body Movement and Dance (Butoh); Playback Theater.

Profile of the participants

Motivated youth workers, youth leaders and youth trainers active in the youth field.

Over 18 years old and you already have experience leading workshops and you like to advance your skills an competences.

You like to develop yourself addressing human rights and related topics using methods of theatre and performing arts.

Able to communicate and express ideas freely in English.

Eager to collaborate with other participants of the project or with organisations in the future USING the methodology you will learn

People from Cyprus: 5 people (above 18, no upper age limit).

To apply

Fill in the Application_Local participants_activity abroad and send it to sealcyprus@gmail.com with the subject “Dramatize_Application”.