Effective digital Habits in Youth Work

3 Training activities on Digital Youth Work
The Netherlands & Lithuania

Effective Digital Habits for Youth Work is a project that will host 3 training courses; 2 in The Netherlands and 1 in Lithuania.

The aim is to grow digitally agile youth workers with a comprehensive portfolio of digital competences ready to realise digital youth work. The training courses will support the digital capacities of the partner organisations ensuring that the digital offer and practice that is experienced by young people builds digital safety, resilience, and learning for today’s world.

‘Effective Digital Habits for Youth Work’ aims to explore and build the required youth work competences to promote

  • online good practice,
  • a better understanding of digital youth work,
  • a confidence to embrace and engage in the digital world that young people exist and
  • a platform for utilising the digital opportunities to promote what we do and celebrate our success and outcomes.

Ten partner organisations from: The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ireland will each identify and support a total of 90 participants in the 3 mobilities (induction seminar, training and evaluation seminar) that will be held in The Netherlands and Lithuania. The participants will be leaders and decision makers from partner organisations or associated organisations, youth leaders and youth workers, social workers and volunteers working with young people, those individuals who are maybe struggling to maintain their digital competences as well those who are embracing and following some of the digital developments.

There will be practice phases between mobility activities to support practical application of learning from mobilities to youth work realities of partner organisations, young people, local partner networks, and community. We see that competence and habit development can happen only and when participants apply their new learning to practice and then reflect the success and challenges of such application.

The participants will work on their competences in 7 areas:

  1. Digitalisation of society
  2. Planning, designing and evaluating digital youth work
  3. Information and data literacy
  4. Communication
  5. Digital creativity
  6. Safety
  7. Reflection and evaluation

The above competence model will be used transversally during all phases of our project. We will provide reflection and self-assessment tools for participants to monitor the development of their digital competences.

The participants will develop effective leadership habits in 7 areas (Covey’s model):

  1. Being proactive
  2. Having the end in mind
  3. Putting first things first
  4. Think win-win
  5. Seek first to understand and then to be understood
  6. Synergize
  7. “Sharpen the saw”


1st Activity- Mobility 1: “iDigital” Seminar

19- 25 January 2019
The Netherlands, Orvelte village (3 hours by train from Amsterdam).
Accommodation place: De Borckerhof
Saturday 19 January (arrival)
20-24 (program days)
Friday 25 January (departure)

The seminar will lay the foundations for developing general understanding of youth work and digital realities, digital youth work concept and needs for digital competences and literacy, will introduce Covey’s paradigms and principles and will approach 3 of the first habits for effective digital youth work and will establish cooperation for digital alliances.

2nd Activity- Mobility 2: “Grow Digital” Training Course.

13- 18 April 2019
The Netherlands, Orvelte village (3 hours by train from Amsterdam).
Accommodation place:  De Borckerhof
Friday 12 April (arrival)
13-17 (program days)
Thursday 18 April (departure)

The training will deepen competence development and increase capacity of partner organisations to plan and implement digital youth work having the strategic perspective in mind. Participants will continue developing necessary competences and will train on their four other habits for effective digital youth work. The cooperation within digital alliances will continue and will bring practical insights.

3rd Activity- Mobility 3: “Digital Harvest” Seminar.

1-7 July 2019
Monday 1 July (arrival)
2-6 (program days)
Sunday 7  July 2019 (departure)

Lithuania, Daugirdiskes village (closest airport is Vilnius International Airport but you can also travel from Kaunas airport). Accommodation place: Daugirdiskus

The seminar will look for practical solutions that digital youth work can offer to address the needs and problems that young people and youth work has in the digital age. This activity will also conclude and capitalise on the learning outcomes, results, and achievements of the previous phases of this project and will allow participants and partner organisations to prepare dissemination content, products and strategies to achieve sustainable impact of this project.

Profile of the participants for all three mobilities

Youth leaders and decision makers with our organisation, youth workers, social workers and volunteers working with young people.

We will give priority to people who wish to participate to all 3 activities. In case someone is not able to participate to one or more of the activities, s/he will be replaced by another participant.

The activities are targeting participants who wish to:

– Exchange of country by country youth work realities and practices with a focus on digital literacy and technology that can support youth work.

– Explore effective solutions to the rapid digitalisation of society and the world we exist.

– Get a better understanding and ability to utilise digital tools, activities, and content that can be applied when working with young people.

– Better understand what digital youth work is, could be and how this approach can be implemented in our daily work with young people.

– Find out how to improve our competences with media and technology and how this can help us in achieving youth work goals.

Number of participants and cost

Participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 2 people in each of the 3 training courses.

Cost: accommodation and meals are all covered by the Programme.

Ticket budget: the participants from Cyprus will be reimbursed for their tickets for the maximum amount of 360 euro per person for each of the 3 training courses.

How to participate

People based in Cyprus (not necessarily Cypriots) need to fill the “Application_Local participants_activity abroad“. After you fill the application form, send it to sealcyprus@gmail.com with  the subject “Effective Digital Habits”. Do not forget to write the activity for which you are applying. Keep in mind that if you are being selected by SEAL  CYPRUS, you are going to need to fill the organisers’ form too.

Project title: Effective digital Habits in Youth Work
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2018-2-NL02-KA105-002124
Dates of the activity: 15-19/01/2019, 13- 18/04/2019, 1-7/07/2019
Place: The Netherlands and Lithuania
Coordinator: Breakthrough Foundation
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 2 in each of the 3 training courses.