GENTLY- Games for Energy Efficiency Youth Literacy

Cooperation Partnership in Youth


Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. In response to this threat, the European Commission has developed the European Green Deal, an outline and guide which is a way leading to transform Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 focusing on sustainability and inclusiveness. The need for a worldwide reduction of emissions and protection of the environment is also expressed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The only way to achieve this goal is by turning climate and natural challenges into real opportunities, by fair and comprehensive activities for all. Reaching this target will require activity by all segments of the economy, including investing in environmentally friendly technologies supporting not only industrial but also individual activities to reach the objectives of emission minimization and environmental sustainability.

Within the framework of the European Green Deal and the UN SDGs, we have created the project “GENTLY” which aims to highlight the main pollution parameters, inform individuals about eco-friendly alternatives to everyday practices and services used and educate young people about environmental facts, energy efficiency, and environmental awareness.

GENTLY is an innovative and emission minimization-based project that strives to achieve the European Union (EU) targets. It is aligned with youth awareness for environmental emissions, energy efficiency actions, and the promotion of the EU targets and measures for emission minimization while empowering young people. The project was designed and developed within the framework of 3 UN SDGs (SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, SDG 13 Climate Action). The main objective of the current project is to offer added value, reclaim international cooperation, and harness the potential of the available digital means for informing and educating the youth using a game-based learning approach (GBL) that is applied in informal education settings. The main scope of the project is to create an innovative package of board and online games on two competency levels (beginners and advanced) targeted at youth workers, youth, and young people with fewer opportunities.


With a focus on youth and young people with fewer opportunities, the project aims to:

  • Conduct research analysis investigating climate change facts and green deal actions scoping in energy efficiency maximization and green deal reclaimed;
  • Design, test, and publish an innovative training game package for youth workers and young people that will guide and support them to provide quality training on target groups (youth and young people with fewer opportunities) on energy efficiency issues;
  • Deliver training courses to train youth workers, in learning processes related to energy efficiency issues, through green deal games;
  • Involve companies in professional games indicating actions for environmental protection align with dissemination elimination and minorities’ support;
  • Exploit to a maximum degree partners’ experience and skills to result in a highly innovative and useful game-based learning package.


The main outcome of the “GENTLY” project will be to provide the EU with a package of tools based on game-based learning (GBL) with the aim to empower young people to become aware of environmental threats and educate them about green deal practices for energy efficiency maximization and emission minimization. GENTLY can be a milestone for the attainment of EU targets in relation to environmental survival through a collaborative and inclusive approach.

During its lifetime, the “GENTLY” project is going to develop four core project results:

  1. PR1. GENTLY Field Research and eBook
  2. PR2. Board & Application Game for Energy Efficiency Maximization
  3. PR3. Alternative Board & Application Game for Energy Efficiency
  4. PR4. Professional Game for Energy Efficiency Maximization


Project card:

Project Title: GENTLY – Games for Energy Efficiency Youth Literacy
Start: 01-02-2022 – End: 31-03-2024
Project Reference: 2021-1-DE04-KA220-YOU-000029143
Programme: Erasmus+
Action Type: Cooperation partnerships in youth
Asociacija “Aktyvus jaunimas, Lithuania 
Ecocenter Alapítvány, Hungary

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