Leadership Skills for Youth

Training in Greece

Leadership Skills for Youth- is a 6-day training.
Training dates: 9-14 September 2020
Travel dates: Tuesday, 8 September (arrival date)- Tuesday, 15 September (departure)

SEAL CYPRUS will participate with three (3) people. The people have to be based in Cyprus (not necessarily of Cypriot nationality) and there is no age limit. People above 30 can apply.

Location: On the seashore between Thessaloniki & Kavala.
Tsaf Tsouf Summer Camp  https://www.tsaftsouf.gr/
Paralia Ofryniou Beach, Orfanio 640 08
See the location on Google Maps: https://tinyurl.com/ybhcya9k


The aim of the training course is to have a positive impact on society by improving the quality of youth work.

The main issues to be addressed are competence development of youth workers and capacity building of youth organisations.
This training course aims to develop youth leadership as a way to:
* improve the professional and life skills of the individual participants;
* support the capacity building of the partner organisations.


Leadership in youth organisations involves the development of a set of skills including teamwork, communication (speaking and presentation skills, starting meaningful conversations and active listening), decision making, time management, goal setting, the motivation of oneself and others, influence skills, facilitation of productive meetings, negotiation skills, coaching, future planning, and partnership building. It also creates positive skills and attitudes around active citizenship.
The work of the non-governmental organisations affects, directly and indirectly, the lives of the most vulnerable people in society. It is, therefore, of great concern that many youth organisations are considered ineffective. The direct causes of underperformance are numerous: poor leadership, lack of skills, low engagement of the members, capacity gaps, weak youth participation, stagnant processes, outdated organisational models, and so on.


The training course “Leadership skills for Youth” is an opportunity to develop leadership skills, knowledge and competencies through non‐formal education.
With this training, the youth organisations involved will benefit from the enhancement of the leadership skills of the youth workers, youth leaders, and current/potential board members who will participate in the course but also of those who work for the management of the whole project.


Before you apply, read carefully the Infopack
To apply: fill in the Application Form and send it to sealcyprus@gmail.com with the subject “Leadership training in Greece”

Project title: Leadership Skills for Youth
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Project identification/ contract number: 2020-1-EL02-KA105-005527
Dates of the activity: 9-14 September 2020
Place: Summer Camp Tsaf Tsouf, Paralia Ofryniou Beach, Orfanio 640 08
Coordinator: PRAXIS
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3