Training on Leadership in the Czech Republic


26 October- 3 November 2019, Hrádek ve Slezsku, Czech Republic
(Travel dates are Saturday, 26 October and Sunday, 3 November)

Short description

“Young Leaders” is a project of mobility of youth workers of the Erasmus+ programme. It will involve youth workers from 10 countries to cooperate on tasks related to leadership at youth work. Various methods of non-formal education such as workshops, role-play, presentations, discussions, debates, excursion etc. will be used throughout the project. Each country will also prepare presentation of their culture for Intercultural Days to present their country and their typical culture, songs, music or meals.


The main aims of the project are:

– to improve key competences of youth workers, particularly communication,

language, social and IT through various workshops, seminars and other activities

– to develop managerial and organisational skills of youth workers and their ability to be a leader through workshops on creating mini-projects, discussions, sharing good practice examples etc.

– to furnish youth workers with essential for youth work – organisation,

management, sharing experience with involvement young people from

disadvantageous groups

– to strengthen international cooperation

– to develop the creativity of youth workers through workshops „Twenty-nineteen“ focused on developing youth projects

– to allow sharing information about various cultures

– to increase the motivation of youth workers for their youth work


All cost is covered by the organisers through the Erasmus+ Programme.

Travel cost is going to be paid initially by the participants. Each participant will get back up to 360 euros for their travel cost after the training and after submitting tickets and boarding passes to the organiser.


SEAL CYPRUS is going to be represented with 3 people. There is no age limit for this activity.


The project will take place in Hrádek ve Slezsku, in a nice place in the Beskydy mountains about 40 kilometres from Havířov. Hrádek ve Slezsku is situated in the eastern part of the Czech Republic near the borders to Poland and Slovakia.

Here are the distances from other bigger towns: Ostrava (60 km), Brno (200 km), Prague (380 km) – all have airports.

You can also travel to Katowice (120 km) or Krakow (180 km)– both in Poland, with airports.

As the venue is situated in a small village in the mountains, the organisers will help you with arranging the transport from Prague or Ostrava or other places to Hrádek ve Slezsku.

To apply

Fill in the Application_Local participants_activity abroad and send it to with the subject “Young Leaders”.

Project title: Young Leaders
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2018-2-CZ01-KA105-048238
Dates of the activity: 26 October- 3 November 2019
Place: Hrádek ve Slezsku, Czech Republic
Coordinator: Euroteam Czech Republic, z.s.
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3