Name of the original practice to be transferred

Quality Assurance in Youth Career Consultancy

Specific context where the practice has already been implemented/ applied

The specific practice has been developed within implementation of two projects: LLP “Qaulity Assurance in Youth Career Consultancy” and Erasmus+ “Quality of Youth Career Guidance and Nowdays Media Literacy” and tested, used in partner countries.

The primary goal of the Quality Assurance is to improve the quality of the service to young people. It must be objective, professional, recognized and continuous. QA process in the context of youth career guidance enables youth workers/career consultants to monitor the impact of the services upon the lives of young people and identify areas of improvement, to provide additional assistance to socialize young people with fewer opportunities and motivate them to participate in the labour market.

Conditions of the original practice

Career services have been developed in many areas and many institutions or organizations. Concerning the youth career services, there are several types of structures in terms of their origin. Some of them have been established by the universities and schools, some – by municipalities, vocational associations, NGOs. Having in mind the variety of structures, the question of quality of the service arises. The quality needs to be described, not only in qualitative way, but also in quantitative way. Quality indicators, quality assurance issues are into the focus of Quality Assurance bodies both on international level and national levels in Europe.

Structures of the original practice

The original practice consists of the materials developed by two projects, which were devoted to improving the quality of youth career guidance. The materials have been developed for career services managers and consultant, youth workers and trainers. The project “Quality assurance in Youth Career Consultancy” developed a Quality model, Quality Indicators and Quality Framework and tools on how to implement them. The project’s “QYCGuidance and Nowdays Media Literacy” developed materials is related to the above mentioned project’s materials , but more orientated to self-guidance and modern media literacy in youth career guidance.

Suggestions on how these will transfer to the new context

The consultants in other countries can learn from this program what the quality service should look like and what the expectations concerning the quality of guidance are.

We suggest to cover the following issues:

  • Quality assurance elements and external factors of youth career counselling process.
  • Quality indicators of YCC. Possible ways of measurement of Quality indicators
  • Key elements of quality management process
  • New tendencies in career guidance. From career guidance to self -guidance.
  • Learning outcome related to modern media literacy.
  • Quality Assurance of the guidance services provision to youth with fewer opportunities

The program focuses on theory and practical aspects of implementation QA within youth career counselling and institutions that provide such services. The material has been developed for career services managers and consultants, youth workers and trainers.

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