CLOSING DATE: 14th of January 2022

Are you a digital artist? Are you interested in the area of environmental sustainability and language learning? Do you like producing themed visuals and illustrations? This opportunity is for you!  As part of the CHELLIS project, SEAL CYPRUS offers you a unique chance to participate in the creation of a captivating visual story!

Project: CHELLIS aims to raise awareness of current environmental challenges and ecological topics through inspiring stories for adult learners. Through these topics, the CHELLIS platform offers the opportunity to improve language skills in English, French, German, Greek, Italian and Portuguese – (the 6 languages of the 6 EU partner countries). Find out more about the project here:



  • Produce 10-15 illustrations corresponding to an environmental story produced by SEAL CYPRUS on the topic of waste management/littering (Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production).
  • Engage in a European funded Erasmus+ programme consisting of 6 EU project partners and have your designs showcased on a number of European platforms.
  • Support an environmental project which contributes to a more environmentally, inclusive world.
  • Receive 1600 EUR for your valuable contribution to this project.


How to apply:

  • Send your curriculum vitae and a sample (2-3 pieces) of your work/designs to showcase the style you would use for this storybook.
  • Submit your proposals to by 14.01.2022. Please use the subject line: ‘CHELLIS – Call for Artists’.



The interactive CHELLIS platform will make it possible to put online 6 CHELLIS stories (one per project partner) that will be produced by each country inspired by the ecological transition, offered for adult learners who wish to improve their language skills.

Each of the six partners will choose their winning artist(s) as a visual creator. Each story will thus be presented in a storybook style where the scenes, characters and key plot objects are represented visually. The number of illustrations is estimated at 10-15 per story.

Each story will provide users with choices at key plot moments that will determine that story’s outcome. Each of the 6 stories will have 3 different possible endings which will be developed using scenarios. This means that each story will have endings that influence the environment and the characters in the story in a positive, neutral, or negative way.



The artist(s) chosen will receive access to the story they are going to illustrate and will also receive further detailed information and instructions about the CHELLIS partnership’s expectations and the desired workflow.



  • Closing date for applications: 14th of January, 2021
  • Judging panel: 19th of January, 2022
  • Results shared: 24th of January, 2022
  • Illustrations produced: 1st of February – 10th of April, 2022