Training course on Competence Development of Youth Workers.
Győr, Hungary. 

EnACT stands for Empowerment through Nature, Authentic Communication & Theatre. The main aim was to develop the competences of youth workers to engage and empower young people to become responsible citizens. The participants worked on communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, and entrepreneurial thinking.

The programme was based on interactive and participative methods. The methods were selected to promote creativity, communication and active participation. The non-formal education tools included individual, pair and group work, creative workshops, theatre methods, simulation and situation games, problem solving and debate exercises, presentations and discussions. Part of the programme will take place outdoors in nature.


  • To identify effective and creative methods to engage young people to be active in their communities and become a leader in fighting racism and discrimination
  •  To explore and understand how theatre & outdoor based methods can be used as tools for youth empowerment, intercultural learning and human right education
  •  To introduce effective communication techniques to create positive dialogue and authentic communication
  • To develop competences to implement tools, non-formal and informal educational methods of conflict resolution
  • To provide space for participants for discussion and sharing best practices and to develop their training skills and competences
  • To improve knowledge about Erasmus+/ Youth Programme as a tool for improving the quality and enhancing the international dimension of youth work through capacity building activities

Project title: ENACT_Empowerment through Nature, Authentic Communication and Theatre
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2016-3-HU02-KA105-001937
Dates of the activity: 6- 13 April 2017
Place: Győr, HUNGARY
Coordinator: Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3