Name of the original practice to be transferred

Soft Skills

Specific context where the practice has already been implemented/ applied

People losing their job due to restructurisation process but also for other reasons.

Conditions of the original practice

Needs of the target group: to find a job or create own business

Expectations of the target group:

  • why I lost my job
  • what can I do to make employer/business partners treat me in a serious way
  • how can I present myself so that employer/business partners is aware of my skills and competences

Barriers: lack of self confidence, specific non-verbal communication

Structures of the original practice

  • Trainings of verbal communication (preparing structured statements), correction of linguistic habits and chorea,
  • Trainings of non-verbal communication (voice, gestures, eye-contact, haircut, attire)
  • Coping with stress

Suggestions on how these will transfer to the new context

Especially important for young people so that they are treated seriously in their businesses. Also important for immigrant environments to fill in cultural gaps.