Become Busy 2.0 – Training in Palermo, Sicily

5-day training event in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Training Title: Holistic virtual pre-incubating support program for Youth involving e-mentoring & coaching activities

Training days: 17-21 October 2022 (5 days of training)

Travel dates: Sunday, 16 October 2022 & Saturday, 22 October 2022

For Who? Young people (18-30) interested in developing their business idea.

Accommodation, food and travel expenses will be covered up to 681 eur per participant.

Language: English

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The mobility will be hosted by CEIPES  in Palermo, Sicily. The duration will be a total 5 days of activities.

This mobility is part of the project Besome Busy 2.0. Click here to read more about the project.

Profile of the delegate

Participants are motivated young people (18 to 30 years old) who are interested to develop their business idea.

Application process

Fill in the Application form_Become Busy 2.0 and send it to In the subject field please write Become Busy 2.0_application_your name


About the training

The aim of the seminar is for young people to get to know the pre-incubator strategy and the use of the virtual pre-incubator of our electronic platform, and by extension, to be able to use it to their advantage for the future realization of their business idea.

The learning outcomes expected to be achieved by young people are:

  • to acquire practical knowledge of the pre-incubation strategy and the pre-incubation process of a business and be able to join in the future in a business incubator,
  • to be trained in the soft and hard skills that a young person who joins a pre-incubator needs,
  • to be able to support their business idea in a Pitching event,
  • to be able to identify funding opportunities for their idea (Business investors – Business angels).


The seminar will be based on non-formal learning methods and the activities used are based on non-formal learning textbooks.
The experiential way of learning will also be one of the techniques that will be used.

A detailed agenda will be published soon.


Project Background

The Become Busy 2.0 project seeks to contribute and support the initial stage of maturing an innovative idea by creating and using a virtual pre-incubator, a MOOC (Masive Opne Online Course) and a digital library of Open Educational Resources on our topic, and present the pre-incubation strategy to youth.

What we want to achieve with the project activities is to promote maturing and integrating innovation into youths’ business ideas, to be supported through a pre-incubator strategy that includes education, mentoring, consulting, networking and ICT products, and will provide them with the knowledge, competences and confidence needed to grow their innovative idea into a viable business.

Read more about the project Become Busy 2.0 here.