WeGROW: EQ learning for YOUTH

Strategic Partnership on Emotional Intelligence

WeGROW: EQ learning for YOUTH


WeGrow aims to support the youth professionals (youth workers, youth trainers, youth leaders, and mentors of young volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps) to ensure the social inclusion of all young people. The ever-changing nature of European society demands a high level of social skills; a prerequisite for inclusion. This is true for all countries regardless of the stage of economic development and it affects both the people working with the youth and their target group; the youth.
With our project, we wish to address the need of youth professionals for continuous professional development with a focus on competencies to support the development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the social skills of young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEETs.
Additionally, we wish to create non-formal tools and methods that are attractive to the aforementioned young people who are often feeling uncomfortable in formal settings.
The development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through Youth Work is proposed as a means to ensure for all young people equal opportunities to demonstrate good school performance, to stay in school, and to get and maintain a job.


The project aims to promote the development of the Emotional Intelligent of young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEET through Youth Work. To achieve this aim, the partners will first work on the competence development of youth professionals (youth workers, youth trainers, mentors of ESC volunteers).
The objectives of the project are to:
(1) Increase the skills of Youth Workers and update their methodologies so as to better support young people with fewer opportunities to improve their Emotional Intelligence including social skills, adaptability, stress management, and general attitude.
(2) Help young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEET to develop basic and transversal cognitive, and especially emotional and social skills, using innovative approaches. These skills are becoming increasingly important for education performance and employability.
(3) Provide youth organisations with a structured coaching programme that enhances self-awareness and self-management of personal emotions.
(4) Raise the impact of Youth Work by creating an open European e-platform for best practices and creation of awareness on EQ at the European level through innovative content.


15 youth professionals will complete the joint staff training at a transnational training event. 15 young people will be involved in pilot training at a local level. 130 people representing the project stakeholders will attend the multiplier events. 45 people with fewer opportunities will be involved in the project activities.


One international training event with a blend of methods: (1) self-driven online learning (2) non-formal education participatory methods. 4 transnational project meetings.
A Website and presence in all major social networks will be created and maintained for 5 years after the project end.
A combination of dissemination methods will support the visibility of the project, the partners, and Erasmus+. The methods include classic and social media, digital promotion, and face-to-face activities such as the multiplier events, and the final conference.


The partners will develop and pilot innovative tools and 3 intellectual outputs:
IO1- WeGROW methodological guide and toolkit in Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills for Youth Workers. This is a toolkit that will contain the initial activities that will allow YouthWorkers to get to know the young people better and learn about their individual circumstances through different activities, games, personal interviews, etc.
IO2- WeGROW: EQ Curriculum – Detailed programme and training materials for Youth Workers with 5 innovative training modules, plus an Emotional intelligence certification for Youth Workers.
IO3- The WrGROW e-learning platform will support new approaches to helping academically disadvantaged youth. The output will offer the wider community access to follow the updates, share best practices, and get all the knowledge developed. This will ensure to continue the collaboration of the project after the project ends.


The project will equip the youth professionals with practical tools to use in their work utilizing Emotional Intelligence in non-formal learning. Through the development of Emotional Intelligence, the youth workers will support young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEETs to enhance their school performance, reduce possibilities for early school leaving and gain employment.


The project will reinforce the international dimension of youth work and the capacities and international scope of the partners. The project will impact the influence and recognition of youth work.

Visit project’s website: https://wegrowproject.eu/ and Facebook page



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