Capacity Building on gender-sensitive Journalism and Blogging

PROJOUR is a project to promote gender equality through media.

Activities. The activities are separate. A participant does not have to take part in all 3.

2nd activity
Youth Exchange in Serbia.
1-8 July 2019 on Avala mountain, Belgrade.
1st and 8th of July are the travel dates.
Participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 5
Age requirements: 4 of the 5 participants should be 18-30 years old.
Only 1 who can participate as a group leader may be 30+
To find out more, read the INFO PACK CzMR YE_July 2019 carefully.
To apply: fill in the Application_Local participants_activity abroad and send it to with the subject “Projour July_Application”

3rd activity
Workshop- Shtip- FYROM
End of September- beginning of October 2019 (to be confirmed)
Participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3
Age requirements: no age restrictions.

1st activity (has already implemented successfully)
Mobility of youth workers- Belgrade- Serbia
Arrival date is 1st February and departure day is 8th February 2019
Participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3
Age requirements: no age restrictions.


Media are a key part in creating public opinion.
A right message can assist in fighting discrimination, but a wrong one can lead to creating prejudices and stereotypes. The idea for the project “Promoting equality through gender-sensitive journalism and blogging” comes from the need to encourage young people, especially women, to exchange good practices on how to use media as a tool; especially when working with youth and when working on topics as gender-based discrimination and marginalisation.


To raise the standards of reporting by making those that write reports (articles, blogs) more gender sensitive.
To strengthen the capacity of the NGO’s in building relationships with the media in the partner countries.
To enhance democracy, good governance and human rights in the partner countries by promoting professionalism and editorial independence.

The project’s main specific objective is to provide to a group of young people who wish to become media reporters from Serbia, Cyprus, FYROM, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Romania with a training program that will enable them to report on gender issues in a gender-sensitive way. The project foresees the exchange of young people that would embed good practices in their early steps as reporters.

A key element of this project is the use of media as a tool to reach the goals for which youth women activists fight for which is a positive change towards gender equality and it’s promotion.

Through project activities, participants will be encouraged to make their projects/activities more visible to the public but also will give them concrete tools on how to address them for the promotion of gender equality and be gender sensitive towards their target group by using different media, with special aspect on online media. Part of this project will be influencing public opinion but also how to send the right message to the right group and guide them into gender sensitiveness and equality.

Centar za mlade Rakovica, Serbia
Az emberség erejével – CUM VIRTUTE HUMANITATIS Alapítvány, Hungary
Fundacja Czwarty Wymiar, Poland
Society support alliance, Serbia
Fundacija Studentski tolar, ustanova Studentske organizacije U, Slovenia

Project title: PROJOUR- “Promoting equality through gender sensitive journalism and blogging”
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the Field of Youth – WESTERN BALKANS WINDOW
Project identification/ contract number: 599106-EPP-1-2018-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBY-WB
Project duration: 2 years
Coordinator: Centar za mlade Rakovica, Serbia