Talent4LIFE – Training the experts: Staff retention and talent management in companies for workers 45+

3-day training event in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


Training days: Tuesday, 29th of March – Thursday, 31st of March 2022

Travel dates: Monday, 28th of March & Friday, April 1st 2022

For Who? HR professionals

Language: English



The mobility will be hosted by IHK- PROJEKTGESELLSCHAFT MBH in Frankfurt(Oder), Germany. Duration will be a total of 3 days of activities.

The transnational learning, teaching and training activity is organised for a duration of 3 training days where it will be possible to study and discuss in depth the developed Talent4LIFE model handbook as well as the Talent4LIFE personal development plan which are both the core outputs that should be tested during a local pilot activity in all partner countries.

Within these 3 working days, participants are going to work and learn about the following issues:

      • Staf retention programmes and talent management in SMEs – challenges and solutions
      • The process of staff retention by using talent management approaches
      • Applying the balanced scorecard approach for balancing worker and employer interests in staff retention
      • Deducting actions and steps from talent identification and management approaches for a personal development plan
      • Setting up, managing and monitoring a personal development plan for staff retention for workers / staff 45+ in a company (especially SME)
      • Tools and instruments for talent identification and management as well as staff retention
      • Managing change through demographic developments and digitalisation in a company (especially SMEs)
      • Setting up the local pilot action (select companies, select staff, apply outputs, collect feedback)
      • Evaluation of local pilot programmes

The training contents will be supported by practical cases and visits to companies already applying staff retention programmes for their older workforce.



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Talent4LIFE- Talent Management for Staff Retention Processes is a 24-month partnership in the field of Vocational Education and Training.

The Talent4LIFE Project is established in front of two core megatrends which are hitting the European economy and European SMEs in particular – demographic development and digitalisation. For SMEs in Europe, these are crucial risks for their survival since there is the need to employ workers who are able to apply digital skills in practically every economic sector; however, it falls extremely difficult to find talented younger employees within Europe. The only solution to tackle this situation is the approach of staff retention through active talent management and development within the company.

The main aim of the project is the development of a model (including instruments) for talent management-based staff retention for European businesses (especially SMEs) to be able to manage the challenges of the future of work together with the challenges of the demographic development and the all-time war for talents.

During its lifetime, the Talent4LIFE project is going to develop four core intellectual outputs:

      • IO1: Explorative research study: To be able to fully understand and grasp the challenges and frame conditions of the target group (personal needs, talent scopes, challenges, and fears, etc.) as well as the situations of European businesses and companies on the level of staff retention and adaptation to change and digitalisation/automatisation, a brief explorative research study will be launched.
      • IO2: Talent4LIFE Model: This model defines the processes and instruments used for talent identification and management for staff retention and development processes in companies for the target group 45+. The model should be a hands-on practical collection of instruments to approach the target group, guide them through a talent identification and management process, and elaborate a development and training plan developed as IO3 of the project.
      • IO3: Talent4LIFE Development Plan: the findings of the talent management and identification process together with the agreements of future developments, in fact, the whole offer that the company is making to the single worker 45+ will be stipulated in a dedicated development plan which has its core function to draw the whole way and process for re-orientation, education and training, mentoring and monitoring of this development process.
      • IO4: Green Paper for Sustainability and Policy Integration: To achieve the best possible sustainability of the project and its outputs it is crucially important to embed the project and especially the findings and outcomes into policy discussions and a whole canon of activities around the future of work discussion, the adaptation needs of businesses and requirements/challenges of modern HR in terms of staff retention and talent management. For this reason, the partnership will develop a green paper.

For further inquire, please send us an email to info@sealcyprus.org