Outside the box

Training in Czech Republic

Duration: 6 days for training and 2 days for travelling.

Arrival date: Sunday, 24 October 2021
Training dates: Monday, 25 October 2021 – Saturday 30 October 2021
Departure date: Sunday, 31 October 2021
Number of participants from Cyprus: 3
Place: HRÁDEK (Czech Republic)


Participating countries:

  • Czech Republic (coordinators),
  • Cyprus,
  • Croatia,
  • Spain,
  • Greece,
  • Portugal,
  • Sint Maarten,
  • Hungary,
  • Serbia.



Youth workers who cooperate with people working in the field of formal education (e.g. teachers, career advisors…) and who are interested in sharing and using methods of non-formal education in such institutions. The participants should be people who participate in leading youth teams, are interested in future work in their organisations and in development cooperation between their NGO and organizations of formal education as well as in the development of international cooperation and further work on international projects and activities. All participants must be able to communicate in English fluently.

AGE: 20+. As the project is the mobility of youth workers, there is no age limit for the participants, participation of experienced youth workers is welcome.

Please note, that for this project, we are ONLY going to accept vaccinated participants, who
hold the EU Digital COVID Certificate.



Before applying for the training course, please, read the Infopack – Outside the box

To apply, please fill in the Application form and send it to info@sealcyprus.org with the subject “Training in the Czech Republic”.



“Outside the box“ is a project of mobility of youth workers of the Erasmus+
programme to cooperate on tasks related to using the methods of non-formal education in formal education.
Various methods of non-formal education such as workshops, role-play, presentations, discussions, debates, excursions, meetings etc. will be used throughout the project. Each country will also prepare a presentation of their culture for „Evenings of national culture“ to present their country and their typical
culture, songs, music or meals.

Project aims:

  • to improve key competences of youth workers, particularly communication, language, social and IT through various workshops and other activities;
  • to develop managerial and organisational skills of youth workers and their ability to present results of their work and share examples of good practice;
  • to increase the motivation of youth workers to work actively with young people and their ability to come with creative ideas and develop them further;
  • to increase awareness of youth workers about methods of nonformal and formal
    education in other countries;
  • to improve creative competences of youth workers in creating and developing ideas regarding using methods of nonformal education in formal education;
  • to improve IT competences of youth workers in communication with other participants of the project, in creating promotion of the project and in organisation of dissemination activities;
  • to strengthen international cooperation;
  • to allow sharing information about various cultures.



Project title: OUTSIDE THE BOX
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Project identification/ contract number: 2019-3-CZ01-KA105-076870
Dates of the activity: 24-31 October 2021
Place: HRÁDEK (Czech Republic)
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3



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