GYM Tolerance

Youth exchange on Intercultural Tolerance through Sport.
Palermo, Italy.

The project highlighted the importance of Sports as tools to promote intercultural learning and social inclusion.

The participants were young people who wished to learn more about the cultural differences between different countries and to live a great experience playing sports with other young people.

They participated in roundtables and role-playing games for a better understanding of the meaning of the “other”. There was also a non-formal tournament of five-a-side and volley-ball with mixed teams.


  • To develop participants’ competences to use sport to promote intercultural learning and social inclusion.
  • To share of good practices in the field of sport.
  • To promote Youth in Action Programme as a tool for development through sports.

Project title: GYM Tolerance
Programme: Youth in Action
Youth Exchange
Project identification/ contract number: IT-31-E136-2012-R3
Dates of the activity: 21- 27 May 2013
Place: Palermo, ITALY
Coordinator: HRYO- Human Rights Organisation
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3