FACIS: FACilitation Skills for ISlanders Youth Workers

Training course on Facilitation Skills.
Kuressaare, Estonia.

The main topics of the project were Experiential Learning and Non-formal Education. All the youth workers who participated were from islands: Azores, Corsica, Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Iceland, Ireland, Lesvos, Malta, Saaremaa, Sardinia, and Sicily.


The main aim of the training was to strengthen the facilitation skills of 24 trainers and facilitators. The participants had the opportunity to develop their competences to address daily challenges in youth work.


  • To experiment different Group Facilitation Methods and empower youth facilitators in implementing quality training activities using participatory methods;
  • To develop facilitation skills and competencies in working with non-formal education above all at local level and disadvantaged areas like the islands and interior of each country;
  • To share and exchange participatory methods and good practices to improve teamwork and group creativity;
  • To provide a non-formal environment where facilitators can work cooperatively;
  • To provide opportunities for networking with partners interested in participative approaches;
  • To find creative ways to involve facilitators in non-formal education and enhance motivation.


During the activity, the trainers employed Non-formal Education tools such as team building activities, learning by experience, Open Space Technology, theatre of the oppressed, learning circles, roleplay, outdoor education, simulations, roundtables and facilitation workshops.

Project title: FACIS: FACilitation Skills for ISlanders Youth Workers
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2017-1-EE01-KA105-034749
Dates of the activity: 21- 28 October 2017
Place: Kuressaare, ESTONIA
Coordinator: MTÜ ISLANDER
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 3