FEMME International Testing Mobility in Paris

4-day training event in Paris, France

Training days: Saturday, 18th of December – Tuesday, 21st of December 2021
Travel dates: Friday, 17th of December & Wednesday, 22nd of December
For Who? Youth workers aged 22+
Language: English



The mobility will be hosted by the Project Coordinator, Centre Interculturel du Développement (CID), in Paris. Duration will be a total of 4 days of activities.

The methodology will be non-formal education (testing of tools forming part of the Toolkit) and digital learning (testing of Web Platform functionalities and digital modules).

The main sessions forming part of the programme will be:
1- Ice-Breaking and Teambuilding
2- Introduction to the activity and presentation of tools (Toolkit and Web Platform). Target audiences and intended educational outcomes of entrepreneurial upskilling
3- Experiential testing of Toolkit methodologies
4- Mixed groups of reflection on quality and relevance of Toolkit methods
5- Cross-checking of groups’ feedback in the plenary
6- Collective elaboration of Report (Toolkit)
7- Testing of project Web Platform architecture and digital tools
8- Mixed group of reflection on the quality and relevance of digital learning experience provided by the Web Platform
9- Cross-checking of groups’ feedback in the plenary
10- Collective elaboration of Report
11- Final evaluation, official closing and delivery of certificates.


Read the Infopack here.

TO APPLY, please express your interest by sending an email to info@sealcyprus.org.


Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset in Migrants through Education (FEMME) is a 24 months partnership in the field of youth. FEMME will develop the entrepreneurial mindset and related hard/soft skills in first and second-generation female youth migrants aged 18-25 potential entrepreneurs.

Research for the identification of the training needs of female youth migrant entrepreneurs and their connection with the existing educational offer, carried out by a combination of desk research and surveying.
• Guide for female migrant entrepreneurs integrating methodologies of self-learning supporting them in giving shape to and developing their entrepreneurial ideas. The Guide will be tested and reviewed in specific educational mobility with female migrant prospective entrepreneurs. A following local session of Piloting will allow participants to further test the Guide as a tool of concrete orientation in the establishment and development of their own businesses.
• Training Toolkit for Trainers. The Toolkit will integrate guidelines and methods of NFE tailored to the needs of youth workers willing to implement educational programmes to empower prospective female migrant entrepreneurs.
• Online modules and Web Platform. Partners will produce a specific Web Platform with integrated e-learning modules in multiple languages targeted at an audience of female youth migrants prospective entrepreneurs in Europe. The modules will provide the target with useful information and exercises supporting them in the design and development of their own entrepreneurial ideas.

For further inquire, please send us an email at info@sealcyprus.org