Know Your Rights- Use Your Rights

Training course on consumer rights in the EU.
High Tatras, Slovakia.

Knowing your consumer rights- and the responsibilities that come with those rights- is an important part of protecting yourself in the European Union marketplace. Making yourself heard when your consumer rights had been ignored or violated is not only your right; it is an important part of helping other consumers avoid a similar fate. It is also an important part of forcing businesses to act honestly and ethically and to become more consumer-focused.

The project about consumer awareness in the EU run in the eight countries where awareness of consumer rights is low, according to the latest Consumer Scoreboard: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. There will, in addition, be a specific campaign for the European Union`s newest member state, Croatia.

At the end of the project, participants became aware of their rights under EU law so they can use them every day when shopping online or on the high street. That’s why a non-profit organisation A.D.E.L has organised the training course “Know Your Rights – Use Your Rights” informing young European citizens of their rights under EU consumer law and pointing them to the right places where they can get advice and help in case of questions or problems.

The participants followed a diverse program full of discussions and workshops about various topics related to consumer protection in the EU such as unfair commercial practices, the unfair contract terms and the consumer sales and guarantees. Moreover, non-formal activities provided the participants with the opportunity to learn more about Slovak national and regional culture.

Project title: Know Your Rights- Use Your Rights
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2015-1-SK02-KA105-000514
Dates of the activity: 1- 8 October 2015
Place: High Tatras, SLOVAKIA
Coordinator: A.D.E.L. – Association for Development, Education and Labour
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 4