Cooperation partnership in building skills and self-confidence of NEETs through podcasts



The project introduces new technological developments to the EU population aged 15–29 classed as NEETs – young people Not in Employment, Education or Training- who, statistically speaking, remain technologically inactive and socially and economically excluded from opportunities in Europe. There is a need to provide suitable and engaging education and training interventions for this target group if they are to be re-integrated into the labour market by developing and piloting an innovative approach to education that will use the medium of podcasting to re-engage NEETs in education and training.



      1. Support NEETs to recognise and value their skills.
      2. Assist NEETs to use the medium of podcasting to share the expertise that they have garnered through the time invested in their hobbies.
      3. Help participants re-engage in training and support them to develop and promote their own podcasts.



The project includes a series of activities as a series of sequential phases that will contribute to the overall objectives of the PODSQUAD project being met. The Key Milestones are:

      1. Transnational partner meetings & the Blended Mobility of Young People as well as the Short Term Join-Staff Training Event.
      2. Production of promotional video to support the further promotion of the project results.
      3. PODSQUAD Workshops will take place in each country, along with the Final Conference.
      4. Broad dissemination of project’s results.



The project’s results can be summarized as follows:

  1. The PODSQUAD In-service Training Programme for Youth Workers: Young professionals to be trained in audio production to NEETs, and to support NEETs in using the most commonly available media devices like smartphones to research and record their podcasts and open-source software such as Audacity to edit and produce their podcasts.
  2. My Mental Health Toolkit of Resources: PODSQUAD partners will develop a suite of cartoons and self-help resources that are specifically for NEETs to support them to manage their mental health and well-being.
  3. Embedded Learning through Podcasts Curriculum:  Through a range of bespoke learning approaches, NEETs will gain key skill areas such as critical thinking, research skills, organisational skills, etc. All podcasts produced by NEETs in this PR will be promoted through the PODSQUAD Online Space, empowering disengaged NEETs, with low self-esteem and confidence, to have their voices heard and their podcasts showcased online.
  4. PR 4 Online Space and Community of Practice: PODSQUAD partners will develop an Online Space (MOOC) to provide access to the My Mental Health resources, the PODSQUAD Curriculum and the in-service training resources. The Platform will also contain a space where any podcasts developed by NEETS and youth workers can be uploaded so that they can freely share their content with the world.



Additional results include:

  1. a change in attitude on how they view and appreciate education and educators through establishing a Community of Practice between NEETs and youth workers through the Online Space.
  2. an increased awareness among youth professionals regarding the barriers and obstacles that NEETs face to engagement.
  3. a renewed sense of self, purpose and confidence among NEETs who are engaged in this project.
  4. better outcomes for NEETs in our communities, by recognising the strengths they have and developing an education model that suits their needs, rather than asking them to fit the mechanisms of mainstream education provision.



12 Adult Education professionals will attend a transnational Joint-Staff Training Event. Based on the methods they will learn they will provide online pilot training to 10 adult educators in their countries (40 people) who are expected to engage 5 adult and senior learners each (200).

More than 120 people representing the project target groups and stakeholders will attend the Dissemination Workshops. 45 people with fewer opportunities will be involved in the project activities.


Project Card:

Start: 01-03-2022– End: 01-03-2024
Project Reference:  2021-2-CY02-KA220-YOU-000049194
EU Grant : 168.837 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Action Type:  Cooperation partnerships in youth
Coordinator: SEAL CYPRUS  https://www.facebook.com/sealngocy
Partners: Asociatia TEAM 4 Excellence, Romania www.trainingclub.eu
Future in Perspective Ltd. Ireland, www.futureinperspective.com



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