Combating the Differences

Training on Capoeira in Youth Work, Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania, 22-30 September 2019 (22nd and 30th being travel days). 

There are numerous challenges that European societies are facing. One of the more severe ones is the marginalisation of young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Youngsters with behaviour difficulties and dysfunctional backgrounds are often insecure and self-doubting. They face discrimination, negative stereotypes, and increased social barriers. One of the ways to help them feel more confident is Capoeira. Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates game, music, and dance. It has previously been used as a therapeutic activity that proved to be a huge success in empowering troubled people and bringing community members closer together.

Capoeira is a great tool to teach physical and musical skills while emphasising positive communication, self-growth, cooperation, empathy, conflict resolution, self-regulation and concentration.

The training will gather youth workers from Hungary, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Turkey, Malta, and Lithuania. The project aims to give youth workers the training necessary to be able to lead capoeira therapy sessions.

The participants will explore ways to:

– Promote capoeira as an inclusive and therapeutic activity;

– Give youth workers appropriate knowledge about capoeira, its philosophy, physical and musical sides of capoeira;

– Come up with capoeira non-formal education games in which everyone can participate;

– Create the means for sharing competencies and tools of capoeira therapy among youth workers in different countries;

– To increase social awareness, skills, and multilingualism.

To apply: fill in the Application_Local participants_activity abroad and send it to with the subject “Combating the Differences”.

Project title: Combating the Differences
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2019-1-LT02-KA105-006239
Dates of the activity: 22- 30 September 2019
Place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Coordinator: Asociacija “Aktyvus Jaunimas”
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 4


Read the Manual_How to carry out inclusive capoeira games