One train ticket to the Green(EST) sustainability

Learning mobility of young people

Dates of the training in Kose-Uuemõisa, Estonia

Duration of the training: 7 days + 2 days of travel
Date of arrival: Monday, 29/08/2022
Date of departure: Tuesday, 06/09/2022
Training dates: Tuesday 30/08/2022 – Monday 05/09/2022

4 participants from Cyprus + 1 group leader
Cost: accommodation, food etc is covered by the organisers.
Travel budget: up to 360 euros per person to be covered by the organisers.

Before applying, read carefully the Info Pack

Profile of the delegate

Participants should be between 16-29 years old, motivated to take part in all stages of the project (preparation, realization, follow-up), have a fluent command of the English language, and gender balance in the group is advisable but not compulsory.
✓ You are open to recognise own stereotypes and prejudices to work with these in an intercultural environment;
✓ You are ready to take part in the whole project;
✓ You are ready to take part in the whole youth exchange and take a facilitator role for certain workshops;
✓ You want to know how to build and promote inclusive societies;
✓ You have a personal motivation for mobility.
✓ Interested in the subject of the project and are fully involved in all activities and want to learn more about different cultures;
✓ It must be the first youth exchange for the majority of the group. In the selection process, participants with fewer experiences will be preferred;
✓ Participants with fewer opportunities will be preferred in the selection process, such as young people with different social charges, young people with lower educational attainment, children from large families, young people living in poverty, immigrants, refugees, or ethnic and religious minorities;
✓ Gender balance should be maintained in groups;
✓ Participants must be between 16 and 29;
✓ The participant must be able to handle the communication level in English.


Profile of the group leader

The group leader must be an active youth worker who deals with young people with fewer opportunities on a daily basis and holds a valid national certificate. The existence of a professional certificate confirms to the organizers that group leaders have sufficient competence to cope with unforeseen situations and unavoidable problems. Equal representation of both genders is expected.

There is no age limit for the group leader.


To apply: Fill in the Application Form and send it to In the subject field please write one train ticket_application_your name


Project Background

The Belgian climate scientist, Christian de Duve, has said that only the robbery and neglect of natural resources, which causes energy crises, climate change, pollution and habitat destruction, has guaranteed the success of our society. When our resources are exhausted, there is nothing left for our children. Climate change is not just about changing the weather. In reality, this is changing the way we live, because climate change can lead to economic, migration, flooding of island states or conflicts over natural resources, clean water or cultivated land. There is no dispute as to whether or not climate change will take place, but how important human intervention is.

The “One train ticket to the green(EST) sustainability” youth exchange brings together 35 participants from seven different countries to Järva County, to jointly understand the impact of climate change on our society, while sharing green experiences, proposing green solutions and allows for better environmental protection. Discussing a problem that speaks to us all in one way is the best way to break the project’s broader goal is to teach participants responsible citizenship, reduce social exclusion and raise awareness.

There will be seven activity days and seven countries. Each country will be assigned one activity day to facilitate. During that day, according to the aims and goals of the project, each national group has to facilitate the activities of the day (energizers, workshops, evening amusement). The groups are free to choose their own methodology for the activities. More info in the Info Pack.


Project Reference: 2020-1-EE01-KA105-077795
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth Mobility