Create your Future Now- Sustainofutureland

Training course on Sustainability.
Zilina region, Slovakia.

Create your future now – “SUSTAINOFUTURELAND” was an intensive 8-day training course for 25 youth workers coming from 12 different countries (Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Bulgaria and Russia). The project took place in Žilina region,  Slovakia from 22nd to 30th of July 2015. Change of venue and date of the activity was carried out on 02. 09. 2015 a request that was sent to the contact person.

Exclusion of the planned Serbian partner country of the theoretical part of the project was implemented 03/09/2015 given that it has been approved a financial contribution for the country because of its failure to apply the financial section.

The project aimed to empower the participants to implement employability and entrepreneurship projects at the local and international level, with a focus on sustainable development.

Project objectives:
O1. to explore how youth work can raise the employability and entrepreneurship of young people, especially through, volunteering, participation, empowerment and non-formal education
O2. to enable participants to use ecodesign tools in EOL for the analysis, communication, promotion and management of their projects aiming to raise employment of young people;
O2a. Stimulating participants to share their personal and professional practices in using eco-design practices in youth work through teamwork and networking;
O2b. Raising the employability of the participants through improving environmental skills and adopting sustainable practices.
O2c. Promoting the European cooperation in the youth field by the use of ecodesign tools;
O3. To practice a series of tools in providing support, assessment, orientation, inspiration and counselling, especially efficient communication, appreciative inquiry, feedback & self-assessment, and strength-based coaching
O4. to explore how the ERASMUS+ programme can support the entrepreneurship and employability of young people, and to foster respective follow-up projects and partnerships


The training was based on non-formal education. Methods used: icebreakers, name games, teambuilding, energisers, working in intercultural subgroups, debate, e-workshop, international cafe, brainstorming, case study etc.

Achievements, impact, long-term benefits:
The various stages of the evaluation show that the learning objectives set for this training course have been met, as well as the strategic objectives.

We are confident that the participants will implement their learning points and follow-up plans and thus contribute to raising the employability and entrepreneurship of young people in their communities, as well as the encouragement of sustainable practices.

Project title: Create your Future Now- Sustainofutureland
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: 2014-3-SK02-KA105-000385
Dates of the activity: 22- 30 July 2015
Zilina region, SLOVAKIA
Coordinator: Regional Youth Council of Zilina
Number of participants from SEAL CYPRUS: 2