Name of the original practice to be transferred

Career Path

Specific context where the practice has already been implemented/ applied

The system of maternity/parental leave in Poland is very convenient for mothers and give them the opportunity to take care of children for a long period of time (1 year fully paid, parental leave up to the age of 4, social security paid for the first or second child every month). However, these tools result in women giving up their careers or rising qualifications and not being able to make up for the lost time.

Conditions of the original practice

Women willing to go back to the labour market after finishing their maternity and/or parental leave. Their primary need is to go back to the labour market.

The expectations of the target group were:

  1. the possibility to verify their skills and competences according to job market needs
  2. what would be the perfect job for me?, business ideas developed according to personal skills and competences
  3. filling competence gaps

The barriers the beneficiaries were facing were lack of self-confidence, not knowing the competences that could be useful in specific areas of employment. The specific barriers for women: stereotypes applied to women as taking sick leaves, lower effectiveness.

Structures of the original practice

  1. Information and promotion campaigns among women – whisper marketing, social institutions, websites for women, women magazines, kindergartens.
  2. Recruitment process: recruitment forms where the situation of the candidates is viewed; personal competences tests.
  3. Workshops for the selected candidates on their personal competences and skills (entrepreneurial spirit; negotiations, image of businesswoman, effective time management)
  4. Psychological consultations – emotional support, building motivation
  5. Preparing individual career path for each person, coaching
  6. Carers for children were provided for the time of these activities

Suggestions on how these will transfer to the new context

Personal competence tests and the vocational counselling  and coaching strategies presented for partners by LCIC. NEETs usually do not realise that every person possess competences that could be used in their vocational life and it is vital to apply them in their business.

Sessions with psychologists – what is the main aim of these sessions for the end beneficiaries.

Support on how should the individual career path look like.

Creating library of case studies for partners to show them specific interventions.