It’s up to me

Train of Trainers.
Diepenau, Germany.

36 future trainers from 6 different countries met for eight days to learn how is it like to be trainers, which skills do they need to learn to be good trainers, and finally how to take up the role of a trainer.


  • To improve participants soft skills such as public speaking, presentation skills,  debating skills and more.
  • To provide tools for delivery of workshops such as simulations, team building games, brainstorming, creating a learning environment, creative environment etc
  • To provide the participants with training resources (guidebooks and written materials).


Learning by doing was the main method of training. There were workshops on presentation skills, public speaking, self-expression or listening skills as part of the soft skills, how to create group dynamics, how to prepare for a workshop or how to do creative workshops.

The participants had the opportunity to start and run their activities, to challenge the trainers and to ask for additional information, experiences and so on. Because it was learning by doing training, after each exercise the trainers were giving feedback to the participants, so they can learn from their own mistake right away and improve during the training. During the project, a learning environment was created where all the participants needed to step up and take responsibility for their learning. There was an incredibly supportive atmosphere where the trainers and the participants became one team. Some of the results we witnessed after the training were:  motivated trainers, well-developed workshops, incredible project ideas being part of the snowball effect from this project.

Programme: Youth in Action
Training Course
Project identification/ contract number: DE-43-E51-2013-R2
Dates of the activity: 15- 23 February 2014
Place: Diepenau, GERMANY
Coordinator: NaturKultur e.V.
Number of participants from Cyprus: 2